24 months

And then, life happened. Just like that.

Where to start?
Finished school.
Left for South America.
Volunteered in a music school.
Found a second home.
Surfed for the first time. Fell in love with surfing. Definitely fell in love with living next to the ocean.
Swam with sea lions, sharks and turtles.
Great moments.
Experienced a strong earthquake.
Not so great moments.
Learned Spanish. Hola, una cerveza por favor. No, just kidding, more than that. Fell in love with that language.
Danced a lot of Salsa. Fell in love with it, too.
Became a kitten mommy for a couple of weeks.
Got to know some of the coolest people who I now consider my friends.
Spent New Year’s Eve in a castle, along with some crazy and lovely human beings.
Learned how to miss people, places and food. Would’ve liked to skip that part. Missing good German cheese is hard. No, just kidding (again). Well, actually it is hard. Missing people is even harder, harder than rock.
Saw dozens of beautiful sunsets. Fell in love with every single one of them.
Went swimming in 7 different seas of the world.
Went for a long trek through nature. 16 days to be exact.
Climbed a few mountains, the highest one up to 4600m.
Stood on both hemispheres at the same time.
Went sailing.
Stayed on another boat for 5 days. Maybe longer. Once again, fell in love with the ocean.
Jumped from a bridge. Did paragliding, too.
Slept under the night sky. Also slept in a hammock next to the Caribbean Sea.
Went camping. Even in the jungle.
Fell in love with the stars. Fell in love with so many things to be honest.
Had a lot of campfires. I love campfires almost as much as the ocean.
Went into the wild. Explored countless beaches, mountains, valleys, forests, jungles, deserts, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. And temples.
Saw a goat being slaughtered 2 meters away from me. Had that goat as lunch afterwards. Weird scenario. Good meat, though.
Worked in a hospital. Saw someone almost die. That was tough. Really tough. In these moments, life slaps you in the face and says: ‚hey you, enjoy this damn moment. Life is unpredictable.‘

I became more thoughtful. A little confused. Maybe smarter. Probably crazier, too.
I got attached to many people and places. And had to let some of them go. But only in the sense of distance, not in my heart. 12 countries in the last 2 years seem a lot. But what are borders, anyway? What is time?
I guess I’ve been overwhelmed with life.
Or maybe I’ve fallen in love with the world a little too much. But hey, here we are.
Alive. Cheesy enough to write a text like that one. I’m surprised.

But who are we to judge life, anyway?

2015 & 2016, thanks for being all that.
Ready for more.

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